Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Moving day!

Mason slept over for two reasons. One, he was staying over late for New Years Eve anyway. And two, so we could start moving when we woke up!

We went with my dad to pick up our single's ward bishop's trailer. We got everything from Mason's house and then took it to our new apartment. We then got everything from my house and then back to the apartment. We had a lot of help. Some friends from the ward came, so we got it done pretty quickly. I'm so excited! I still have to move my clothes and shoes and some other odds and ends over. And we didn't move the bed yet. But it was so fun just to put things wherever we want. And the best part is going to be organizing all of it! We're both really excited.

We went back to my house and had a late lunch. Then, Mason and I cuddled for just 15 minutes before I had to leave for work. He stayed at my house to nap though :)

He's having his bachelor party tonight at his sister's house. I hope he has fun!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's kiss!

I woke up feeling 100% better. We never figured out how we got sick. If it was food poisoning, then other people should've gotten sick too, right? Cause we ate with other people all day. Oh well, maybe it was the flu after all. I'm just glad it's over. Ugh. I hate throwing up more than anything.

I started cleaning out my room while packing boxes and packing my suitcase at the same time. Aaaahhhh!!!! I have never been so excited for so many things in my whole life. Gosh how do people not freak out with excitement 24/7 during a time like this! I know I sure do.

I met up with Mason at Target to buy a few things for our cruise. We also went to Michael's cause he reminded me that I hadn't bought a garter yet. I'm glad he reminded me! I would've been sad if we didn't do that tradition.

He went home to do more stuff, then I went tanning and dropped off some more invites at the bank. I went home to pack some more, then I went with my mom and Kirsten to Smith's to buy food and treats for the night! We also went to Red Lobster to pick up some biscuits mmmm. I ran into Sammie there, it was nice to see her and "Grandpa Jim."

Then we went home! Mason was waiting for us, just talking to my dad and nephews. He looked SO DANG GOOD in his new shirt. Gah.

It was a super fun night. We ate yummy food, played games, and best of all, I got the best New Year's kiss of my life! I honestly don't remember the last time I had one or who it was with and I don't care.

And then Mason spent the night on the couch :)

Monday, December 30, 2013


I called in sick for work and I'm glad I did because I threw up one more time. I spent the whole morning in bed and so did Mason. In the early afternoon I started to feel a lot better so I got up and got ready and met Mason at the bank. We got our money together and dropped it off to our renter for our deposit. We also got some smoothies called "The Rejuvenator." They were really yummy.

I really didn't want to miss both my jobs today, and I was feeling a lot better, so I went to CaptionCall. I was just super tired. When I got off, I went to Mason's house to say goodnight. His mom gave me some yogurt and bread and apple juice. I was finally starting to get my appetite back.

I then met my mom and Kirsten and Parker at Michael's. We also went to the dollar store and Ross before going home.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Food poisoning?

I got ready and picked up Mason, then we met up with Des and John and got in there car and drove to Cedar City. The rest of my family went in another car. It was a farewell for two of my cousins. They're brothers and they're leaving for the MTC on the same day!

After the farewell, all the family met at the Marriott for lunch. We had all kinds of soups and rolls and stuff. When we were done, we drove back home with Desi and John.

We went to Mason's house to take a short nap before heading to his sister's house. She and her husband had invited us for dinner. I was still full from lunch and not feeling well, but Mason felt fine. I felt mostly okay most of the time we were there while they were finishing the food, and I even played a song on Todd's guitar. I tried eating but I couldn't eat much. I felt really bad that I wasn't digging into it.

Then, I started to feel really sick. We were getting up to leave, and I hugged Maricel and Todd while trying to remain as calm as possible. No way was I going to ask to throw up in their bathroom right after they fed me dinner. As soon as we got outside, I handed my purse to Mason and said "I have to throw up." He said, "are you serious?" cause apparently I hadn't shown any signs of feeling sick. I walked off their driveway to the edge of the parking lot to some rocks and just let it all out. It was so gross. I have never thrown up so much in my life. And Mason held my hand while I did it. Sweet, but, ew for him haha.

It really sucked. I was so upset. We went back to his house and I cleaned up a little, but I went home as soon as possible. I felt awful. I couldn't figure out if I had the flu or what. But I woke up at 1:00 a.m. to throw up again, texted Mason to tell him, then he called me and told me he was awake because he had just thrown up too! Poor guy. Anyway, it wasn't the best night.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I didn't get called in today! I got ready and drove to Costco to take our application to him to give to our renter. Then we went to his house together and had some lunch and took a nap.

We went to Deseret Book together to get some new planners and to finish reading that book I lost - "300 Questions to ask before marriage" or something. We skimmed through it mostly, cause surprisingly, we had talked about almost every question in pretty great detail just on our own. My mom was there working, so we visited with her a while and she helped us find some stuff.

We went back to Mason's and I think we ate some food again and then I went to work. When I got off, Mason came over and we hung out with my family for a bit.

Friday, December 27, 2013

We found it.

Today started out stupid. I wasn't supposed to have to work, but long story short, I did. Money is money though. I got off at 5:00 and then went with Mason to check out an apartment. His coworker contacted him and told him that he had an apartment for rent. We looked at it and it's so nice and perfect and he's giving us a good deal so we decided to move in! Yay!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pulling me to you.

When Mason got off work today, he came over so we could practice dancing. He came dressed in slacks and dress shoes, and I put on my wedding dress so we could practice how it'll really be. It was so fun! He loves dancing with me and I love dancing with him.

When we were done, we got lunch at Subway. Then we went back to my house and we watched some more 24. It was then time for me to go to work. I tried to leave my house with enough time to stop by Swig, but the line was so long and I didn't think I'd make it to work on time. So, Mason picked up a drink for me and brought it to my work. What a cutie! :)

After my 3 hour shift, I went to his house and he fixed me a taco from their dinner. We talked with his parents and then went upstairs to watch an episode of 24 and to cuddle.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best Christmas.

Did you know that this was the first time I have ever been with a guy on Christmas day? Ever. It meant so much to me.

Last night, Tasha slept in my room with me. It's a tradition for my sisters and I to sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve. But Desi and Kirsten don't live at home so it was just the two of us. It was super fun though cause we stayed up and played a couple Christmas games on Google. Haha.

Anyway, we got up and started opening presents. Mason came over and brought his dad (his mom was at work). My parents spoiled Mason with gifts. It's so fun to have him with me on days like this! We then ate breakfast together. Egg McMuffins mmmmm!

Mason's dad left and I got ready for the day. Des gave Mason a hair cut. After a few hours, we left so we could go with his dad to visit his grandma who lives alone. She's such a sweet lady. She gave me one of her old cook books.

Then, it was about time for me to go to work. Yep. CaptionCall. But hey, I got paid time and a half and got free Jimmy John's, so it wasn't too bad. Mason had to go to sleep early anyway for a 2:15 shift the next day.

I got off and went home. Then, Kirsten and the boys came and surprised my parents and Tasha! I knew they were coming but no one else did. We were all so happy to see them :) What a perfect Christmas (except that Ben wasn't there, of course, miss him too).

I wish I had taken so many more pictures. Dang it.

Us and Mason's dad.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve.

Today was my day off and it was great! When Mason got off work, I hurried and got ready, then went to his house. We drove together to look at an apartment that we both really like. Yeah... we need to hurry up and decide on a place. We'll probably take that one unless something cheaper/better comes along like... soon.

Anyway, a little later, I left so that Mason could take a much needed nap. I spent the next few hours just hanging out and doing random things.

I drove to Walmart to pick up a few last minute things, then I picked up Mason and we met my family at Beijing Buffet. It was us, my parents, and Tasha, and it was delicious! I love that place so much. I hate that I get full so fast.

Then, Mason and I drove around and looked at lights together. It was so nice. We got hot chocolate. We went back to my place and visited with my family for a bit, and watched a little bit of 24 and then he left.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Busiest work day.

Today was a long day. I was scheduled to work from 8:45-6:15. It was super busy the whole time I was there, and as the end of my shift was approaching, I offered to stay until 7:00 so that my coworker Jordan wouldn't be left alone for almost an hour with craziness going on. Turns out that I probably wouldn't have been able to leave much sooner anyway just because of how crazy it was.

Anyway, I went to Mason's house after and ate some dinner and we cuddled.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Goodwin Christmas Party.

I woke up and Mason cuddled with me. When we went downstairs, his parents were making breakfast. We had the yummiest homemade "Egg McMuffins." Just writing about them makes me want another one! Mmmm.

I left so I could come home and shower and get ready for church. Then, back to Mason's. We drove to the chapel together and had our interviews with the Bishop to get our temple recommends! We had time to kill before church, so we both went to our ATMs to withdraw cash for tithing.

After church, we went back to Mason's house and cuddled until it was time to go to our interviews with the Stake President's Counselor. We now officially have our recommends for my endowment and our sealing :) It's so exciting! Now all we have left to do is find a place to live... haha.

When we were done, we booked it to my aunt's house in Ivin's. We were late for the family Christmas party, but I think we got there at a good time. People were still eating and mingling. Soon after we ate, Santa showed up! That guy has been coming to our Christmas party for over 20 years! And, I've never ever brought a boy with me. So this year was really special :) Mason had a great time. It was so fun.

Mason and I went back to his house so he could go to bed and I could get my car and drive home.

What a perfect, wonderful weekend.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Desolation of Smaug.

Yeah, it was another great day.

I woke up around 8ish and got ready because I was on call from 8:45-10:00. Mason, my family, and I went to the Stake Center where my home ward was having a breakfast. Luckily, I didn't get called in to work. The breakfast was big and delicious and we had a great time.

We went home, and Mason and I read some chapters from the Book of Mormon together. Soon after, we went with my dad and Tasha to the theater to see the second Hobbit movie. It was great! When it was over and we went home, Mason and I were both pretty sleepy so we took a nap up until I had to go to work at CaptionCall at 5:00.

While I was there, I was super hungry and my head started to hurt because I started fasting after breakfast. I went to Mason's house when I got off and I started feeling even more miserable. I was nauseated and it didn't make sense! I was debating on whether to go home, but Mason convinced me to stay. Within a couple minutes I threw up. Gross. But Mason took care of me. We were lying on his couch after, and his mom put a blanket over us as we fell asleep.

I woke up not long after when Mason told me I should text my mom and tell her I was spending the night. So I spent the night! Mason let me sleep in his comfy bed. Even though I threw up, which I hate more than anything, it was a fun day.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The best surprise.

I got ready for work a little earlier than I had to because Mason and I had plans to meet for an early lunch. He got off work at 10:30, then we met at Red Ginger for some sushi! We hugged goodbye and I went to work at 11:45. Mason planned to drive to Salt Lake so that he could be his good friend's escort at the temple Saturday morning. He told me he was going to leave later in the afternoon, and I had hoped he would come say goodbye one more time at the bank.

Sadly, and hour after I got to work, he texted me and told me he was on the road. I have to admit, I was sad that he even went at all. He and I both knew that the weather was bad, that there were snow storms and hundreds of accidents. His mother asked him not to go. I told him I didn't want him to go but that I wouldn't keep him from being there for his friend. But I was sad.

I called him when I got off work and he told me he was almost there. Mason said someone else was calling and told me to hold on for a sec. The call ended, and I just assumed it was my phone being dumb because it has been dropping calls all the stupid time. But when Mason didn't call me quite a few minutes later, I called him.

And it went straight to his voicemail. I called him five times and the same thing. See, I'm paranoid. I figured only two things could've happened: either his phone had died, or he was dead. And Mason always lets me know if his phone is dying, and so I started thinking crazy thoughts and I let it get to me. Seriously, I'm paranoid and crazy.

I was fighting back crazy worried tears as I went to look at a town home for rent. When I left, Mason finally called me back and apologized, saying he had to turn off his phone for some reason. I was so relieved. I stayed on the phone with him as I drove to my house, and he promised he would call me before he went to bed.

I walked inside my house and put down my purse and started talking to my dad. I was in the kitchen when I turned around and saw MASON walk in from around the corner. I screamed - twice I think - and ran and jumped into his arms. I seriously have never been so surprised or happy or relieved or excited. I didn't suspect a thing! I thought I'd have to spend the weekend without him, worrying about his safety.

But instead, I came home to my lover, a dinner he made for us, and a bouquet of red roses. It made me feel SO special and so happy!

We had a great night. We watched The Hobbit (the first one) with my dad. We went to Smith's to return the movie and on the way home we got breakfast burritos at Alberto's. And then Mason spent the night on the couch.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Special clothes & a Marriage license.

This morning, my parents took me to the distribution center inside Deseret Book. My mom measured me and helped me get my garments and temple clothes. I'm so excited!! OH MY GOSH! This isn't real. No way. It was a great experience!

Then, we went to Beijing Buffet for lunch. That sure hit the spot. Yum. I want to eat it again already.

We also went to Star Nursery and Sell it Again Sam. Then, home.

And then I did something really exciting! Mason and I met up when he got off work and got our Marriage License!!! Wow today sure was a great day for marriage preparation.

Oh, we also bought a used bookshelf from someone who posted it on Craigslist. $15 for a pretty good one. We're gonna fix the little fixing it needs, then I'm going to paint it! I am seriously obsessive about furniture these days. I'm so excited about all of it. It's weird.

I then went to CaptionCall for three hours. Then to Mason's. We just talked on our couch, then cuddled on the floor and talked some more. And then he walked me outside, and we got in my car, and talked some more. I love having someone to talk to about absolutely anything. It's such a wonderful freedom.

I came home and watched Jack Frost with my parents, Tasha, Des, and John. It's been quiet this week, and we're all missing Kirsten and Ben and the kids.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Village Inn.

I was supposed to have a shift in Springdale today, but my coordinator called me yesterday and told me it had been canceled and that I was to be on call instead. I was grateful that I didn't have to drive all the way out there. And I didn't get a shift, so it was a relaxing day again for the most part.

Mason got off work at 2:00, then we met at the Village Inn for free pie day. We also ate lunch too (well, Mason ate breakfast food). It was so good.

We went back to his house to cuddle before I had to go to CaptionCall.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sledding together alone.

When Mason got off work, we met up at his house. We went to lunch at The Habit to use our free burger coupons. It was good! I was really excited about today because Mason got off before noon and then we both had the whole day to spend together, which is pretty rare with school and the three jobs between us. But without school for these next couple weeks, and with Mason being released from his calling... well, it was a nice break.

We got ready and went to Pine Valley in Mason's truck. We took some sleds from my house. When we got up there, the road to the lake was gated shut and so we parked and hiked it to the lake instead.

When we got there, no one else was around at all. We didn't see a single soul the whole time we were in Pine Valley. It was actually really wonderful. We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere completely alone and carefree.

We sledded down the hill a few times, walked out on the frozen lake, and had a good time. We weren't there for long, though. We started walking back to the truck when the sun went down. Mason even dragged me on one of the sleds for part of the way just for fun :)

Oh, and then he taught me to drive his truck! See, I've been taught how to drive stick a couple times in my life, but I never continued practicing and so I've never felt comfortable with one. Maybe now I finally will.

When Mason started teaching me, it was seemingly impossibly difficult to get the dang thing even moving. And he was frustrated that he couldn't figure out what he was teaching me wrong. And then he realized... the parking break was on. Hahahaha I was about to give up before that. As soon as he turned off the break, I took off right away. And then I drove from Pine Valley all the way into town. He took over once we got to a stop light, though, cause I'm not comfortable stopping and starting all around town yet.

We got back to Mason's and we watched The Prince of Egypt in his room. He had never seen it. I love that movie and the music. And Mason.

Um. Bear.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A bittersweet parting.

Today was sad. Kirsten and her boys moved today to California to be with Ben. It is so happy though, because they are finally getting on track with the life they want and deserve. They were getting ready to leave as I left for work. I hurriedly said goodbye to Kirsten and Connor, but Parker was still asleep and so I didn't get to say bye to him and that makes my heart hurt. I love them all so much. I was in such a hurry that I didn't say bye to my parents either, who happened to be getting ready to leave for Salt Lake for a few days.

I got to work a full day at the River Road branch today so that was nice. I actually felt really bad about not saying goodbye to my parents so I called my mom and asked if she and my dad would stop by the bank on their way out of town. And they did :)

Mason brought me some candy bars when he got off work. I love seeing him when I'm not expecting to :) I also got to go to his house on my lunch break, where he had food prepared for me. Sweetie.

After I got off, Mason and I went to the dollar store to get white elephant gifts and then went to our ward Christmas party for some food. It was yummy. But then it was time for bed.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweeter resolution.

It was another great experience of waking up to Mason walking in my room. We cuddled a while and then got up to make pancakes.

My family went to church and left us to tend the boys. Connor ate pancakes with us, and then Parker woke up so Mason went downstairs to get him. Soon it was time for me to shower and get ready for church, so Mason watched Home Alone (again haha) with the boys while I got ready. As soon as Kirsten came home, Mason and I rushed to his house so he could get ready for church, too.

We went to our single's ward 10 minutes before it started so we could pass out invitations to people there. Then, we went to leave because we had plans to attend his parents' ward so he could introduce me to the people his parents know. Or, in his words, "show me off."

However, as we were walking toward the truck, Mason commented on how he wondered if it would be easier to make a snowman now than it was last week (when we failed miserably in my backyard and took forever to make a pathetic excuse for a snowman). We looked at each other and he said, "you want to, huh?" Haha so we did. It was super easy and turned out way better. I thought it was funny that we made a snowman on the church grounds. I wrote our names in the snow so everyone would know it was ours :) haha.

So we went to his parents' ward and I met several people whose names I've already forgotten. Well, except one, because he happens to be the temple president and is going to be our sealer! So exciting!

After that, we went to Mason's house and he cooked us some mashed potatoes and chicken cause I was sooo starving.

We had a wonderful conversation. It is amazing how you can get closer and closer to someone with each day and experience.

Then, we went to my house and had more food. Lasagna and garlic bread and corn and salad! So yum. It was Kirsten's and the boys' going away dinner. They leave tomorrow morning for California to join Ben. Kirsten asked me to make my yummy brownies so I did. So much food today.

Mason and I cuddled a little more. Then we all went to the temple grounds to see the lights and the Nativity scene. Then, Mason went home and so did we.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sweet relief.

I spent a lot of time on my own today. I worked out, got a Swig, went to Target and Ulta, and also to Urban Renewal, went tanning, then came back home. I called Mason and we talked on the phone for about an hour.

I then showered and got ready for work. I took something to my mom at her work on my way, and also took time to stop at McDonald's and get a double cheeseburger... don't judge me! I am still being healthier than I used to, and still losing weight and gaining muscle :) and I'm getting tan so I'm looking better!

I went to CaptionCall. When I got off, I went back to Target to return something cause one of the things I bought was the wrong dang thing. Ugh. Then I picked up my mom from her work and we went home.

Mason came over soon after. We didn't do a whole lot before it was bedtime and once again, he slept on the couch in the front room :) I love tucking him in.

Friday, December 13, 2013


After work last night, Mason came over for a bit to hang out.

Today I went to work at the River Road branch again until 7:00. When I got off, I went to the school to attend Melinda's dance recital. It was super good. I had never seen her dance before really, other than in our living room in our apartment. I was super impressed and entertained.

I went to Mason's house for a bit and then went home.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

For Rent?

I babysat the boys again this morning. Then I met McKayle and Dallas for lunch at the Pizza Factory. McKayle gave me a really cute bag that she got me as a bridal gift. It was good to see them after so long!

I met up with Mason after, and we drove around town to see if we couldn't find any "For Rent" signs. I was hoping there would maybe be some places that we hadn't already found listed on Craigslist and stuff. No such luck. But it was still fun :)

Now I'm at CaptionCall.